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Raiz Community Scholarship Recipients

August 22, 2022

Grounded in our roots as educators and inspired by the people we serve, we are invested in the future of our community. Each year Raiz Federal Credit Union awards 12 students with a $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship to help them reach their higher education goals. This year, we remember our late Vice President of eCommerce, Mr. Michael Sandoval, with the Michael Sandoval Memorial Scholarship. Raiz was able to give six additional students, studying a STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), a scholarship award of $5,000.

Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients, we hope you continue to excel in your studies and achieve your education goals.

Raiz Community Scholarship Recipients

Samuel Allen – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Samuel Allen was raised in the small town of Van Horn, Texas. He is forever thankful for Van Horn High School, whose administration, educators, and faculty all found value in him and allowed Samuel to have the resources needed to pursue his academic dreams. Samuel is pursuing a degree in Political Science.


Joseline Avila – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Joseline is an undergraduate student at the University of Texas at El Paso pursuing a double major in communication studies and political science. She is a first-generation college student and the youngest sibling of five women. Her interest in communication and politics led her to be accepted into the Archer Fellowship, which is a prestigious program to live, study, and intern in Washington D.C.


Erin Carbajal – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Erin grew up with a single mom and five other siblings, and had to work hard for everything. Her experience has come with a lot of valuable life lessons. She has been a stay-at-home mom for the last 18 years, and now sees it as the right time for her to go back to school. She is excited, and hopes to be able to give back to the El Paso community one day.


Isabella Dubrule – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Isabella graduated number 9 with a GPA of 102.19 out of 500+ students at Eastlake High School. She plans on continuing to make changes in the world through STEM. She will continue her education at Texas A&M University where she is pursuing a degree in engineering in the fall semester.


Angelica Enriquez – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Angelica has been a life-long resident of El Paso. She is committed to her studies and athletic career in collegiate basketball. As she continues her path forward, she appreciates the opportunity to continue her student and athletic career with the assistance of the Raiz Community Scholarship.


Brenda Herrera – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Brenda has been expanding her human trafficking advocacy work as a member of Polaris Stop Human Trafficking Foundation. She is pursuing a degree in public relations while currently working as a massage therapist and life coach. Her passion is to help others and assist them to unleash their hidden potential.


Ashlyn Olivas – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Ashlyn is currently attending the University of Texas at San Antonio, class of 2024. She is majoring in sociology with a minor in women’s gender and sexuality studies. Ashlyn has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her two years of enrollment at UTSA, landing her on the President’s List each year.


Katelyn Sophia Ramirez – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Katelyn is a top 10% graduate of Eastwood High School and will be attending the University of Texas at Austin for her college education. She was 1st chair viola in her orchestra chamber, played rugby, and was a member of the Eastwood debate team. Katelyn plans to continue these passions at Austin and enter the world with her degree in arts and entertainment technologies.


Michelle Rodriguez – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Michelle is a senior at the University of Texas at El Paso working on her bachelors of business administration, majoring in management with a certificate in enterprise resource planning. Michelle enjoys using her leadership and data analytic skills to help her peers in and outside of the classroom. She graduated from Mission Early College in 2020 and received her associates at age 16.


Janelle Sanchez – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Janelle graduated top 10% at Burges High School and has decided to further pursue her education at New Mexico State University. Janelle was able to receive her associate’s degree while in high school due to her enrollment in the high school’s early college program. She looks forward to receiving a bachelor in marketing and pursuing a master’s degree in music business.


Karla Sosa – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Karla is currently attending the University of Texas at El Paso and pursuing a major in English and a minor in education. As a future educator, she hopes to impact students to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. Karla gives thanks to her family for their love and support, and to Raiz for this opportunity.


Michelle Swiston – Awarded $1,000 Raiz Community Scholarship

Michelle Swiston’s two loves are theater and astronomy.  Michelle graduated a year early and will be one of the youngest students at the University of Wyoming where she will continue to study astrophysics and theater.


Michael Sandoval Memorial Scholarship Recipients


Roman Alderete – Awarded $5,000 Michael Sandoval Memorial Scholarship

Roman Alderete, is a student at the University of Texas at El Paso and works within the engineering department. He enjoys his time working with others in his filed on assigned tasks and projects but most importantly, he works to support his family for the majority of his life.


Ximena Caldera – Awarded $5,000 Michael Sandoval Memorial Scholarship

Ximena was on the top 10% in her class of 2022 at Pebble Hills High School. She plans on furthering her education at the University of Texas at El Paso this Fall, majoring in Clinical Laboratory Science.


Brisa Chacon – Awarded $5,000 Michael Sandoval Memorial Scholarship

Brisa hopes to become an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist with an emphasis on women’s health. Brisa mentions that this scholarship has inspired her to help others and give back to the community. She hopes to one day be able to help pharmacy students achieve their goals.


Angellina Ochoa – Awarded $5,000 Michael Sandoval Memorial Scholarship

Angellina recently graduated top 10 from Ysleta High School with an associate’s degree in multidisciplinary arts at El Paso Community College. She plans to further continue her education as a first-gen student at Texas A&M University at College Station, majoring in psychology and minoring in neuroscience.


Steve Orozco – Awarded $5,000 Michael Sandoval Memorial Scholarship

Steve Orozco will be attending the University of Texas at Austin this fall where he will be studying electrical engineering at the Cockrell School of Engineering. He plans on earning a bachelor degree in this field and someday go back to earn a doctorate in the same field. Steve thanks his family for their love and support.


Ashley Mascorro – Awarded $5,000 Michael Sandoval Memorial Scholarship

Ashley Mascorro is a proud 2022 graduate from Bel Air High School, who graduated as top 10 in her class. Ashley will attend the University of Texas at Austin this fall semester. Ashley’s goal is to become a Pediatric Neurologist and practice in the underserved community of El Paso and fill the scarcity of specialists.


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