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Financial Education

Dive into the financial topics you care most about with the help of our Banzai Coach. Get started today by trying our interactive courses that provide you with step-by-step guides to build a plan towards bettering your financial wellness.

Financial Assessment

The Financial Wellness Assessment lets you take a step back, analyze your spending, budgeting, and saving habits so you can reflect on how you’re currently managing personal finances.

Create a Budget

You need a budget to tell your money where to go, but making one can seem daunting. This Coach walks you step-by-step of creating a budget that fits your lifestyle.

Get Out of Debt

Managing debt is the best way to find financial freedom. This course will help you create a plan to pay off your debts using proven strategies.

Credit Repair

Not sure where to begin repairing a less-than-ideal credit score? In this Coach session, get ideas for repairing your credit score in the short- and long-term.

Want to Learn More?

Explore our library of financial education categories for every stage of life.

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